"You know, they's a kind of bird that don't have legs so it can't light on nothing, but has to stay all its life on its wings in the sky?... They sleep on the wind and never light on this earth but one time when they die"

 - Tennessee Williams, Orpheus Descending

Kudzu is a body of work that feels at home in transition, comfortable in those in-between moments of stability, grounded in uncertainty; a seemingly paradoxical combination. The Southeast is a region of juxtaposition and contrast. Southeastern culture is rooted in the down-home hospitality yet it holds on to a rich tradition of the southern gothic and the grotesque, often at odds with its own history. There are nuanced experiences as the traumatic yet hopeful culture of the past fades into an unrecognizable new south spearheaded by a mad rush to leave the west and northern US - much like kudzu, invasively transforming southern landscapes into unrecognizable spaces. My goal is to capture the complexities of southern culture and landscapes and humanize the fading vision of the southern experience before it is unrecognizable.