The 100-mile stretch of Georgia coast – reaching from the beach town on Tybee Island in the north to Cumberland Island in the south – is more pristine than any comparable stretch of coastline in the country. The inaccessible, wild and primeval barrier islands, known as the Coastal Empire, line the nutrient rich murky waters of the Atlantic, creating a unique and complex ecosystem of rivers, marshes, palmettos and sand junipers – perfect for exploration and surfing. Waves rarely make their way 60 miles west over the shallow continental shelf and break on these islands while the smell of cigarettes and river water on Tybee competes with salt and ocean breeze. The best time of year to find surf is hurricane season when a strong, low-pressure system passes by the Georgia coast. Yet the lack of crowds, the inconsistent surf, and the pristine stretch of the Golden Isles creates a unique surf culture of inclusivity mixed with unmistakable southern hospitality. “Coastal Empire” is a documentation of Georgia’s coastal culture – how the coast influences its people and how they interact with the sometimes-primeval stretch of coast.

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